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The Economic Development of Latin America and its Principal Problems, Raul Prebisch

The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down


More reading

  • Bowen, Elenore Smith (Laura Bohannan’s pseudonym). 1964. RETURN TO LAUGHTER: AN ANTHROPOLOGICAL NOVEL. Garden City, NY: Natural History Library. [Vanier 3rd floor: DT 500 B6 1964]
  • Castaneda, Carlos. 1968. THE TEACHINGS OF DON JUAN: A YAQUI WAY OF KNOWLEDGE. New York: Washington Square Press. [Webster 4th floor: E 99 Y3C3 1990]
  • Donner, Florinda. 1982. SHABONO: A VISIT TO A REMOTE AND MAGICAL WORLD IN THE SOUTH AMERICAN RAINFOREST. London: Triad Books. [not at Concordia]
  • Jackson, Michael. 1986. BARAWA AND THE WAY BIRDS FLY IN THE SKY. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution Press. [not at Concordia]
  • Knabb, Timothy. 1995. A WAR OF WITCHES: A JOURNEY INTO THE UNDERGROUND OF CONTEMPORARY AZTECS. New York: HarperCollins. [not at Concordia]
  • Narayan, Kirin. 1999. “Ethnography and Fiction: Where is the Border?” ANTHROPOLOGY AND HUMANISM 24 (2): 132-147.
  • Also, RICHARD PRICE has a few, really good ones.

To read

Phil says I should read the following before grad school (i.e., my light summer reading list):

Gramsci – Hegemony
Foucault – Birth of Prison
Marx – Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts, 1848 Communist Manifesto (Burgun Pub.)