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Sex ed

I loved this article on a sex ed class in the States on many levels. We need a whole lot more of this in the world; there are things here that even adults (and many of them!) could learn from. I hope it picks up.


sex and consumption

I am focusing on this consumption/creation idea recently. I find that we live in a world of total consumption: not only do we buy stuff, but we make everything of value a commodity, most notably time and even people. Hence, right now I see even relationships as something that we commodify. The opposite of consumption is creation. In Buddhist economics, for instance, the goal is to live and create (or work) on the minimum amount possible; in consumerist economics the goal is to consume as much as is possible with the least amount of work possible. So we have the one-night stand as a perfect example of a relationship that maximizes the desired product (sex) with the least amount of effort put into it; a healthy relationship requires that people actually put their soul into it in order to create (work and effort! how horrendous!) something positive. And the moral of the story is that maybe working is not so bad after all, and that it is a necessary part of a balanced life. Who would have thought?

I find I am pretty conservative when it comes to my own life. It’s my generations of small-town Catholic blood, I suppose.