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-after scrums, first to meet opposition
-tackle from short distance
-go for opposition half-backs
-or, if scrum is won, first forward to get out and support backs
-first in rucks or mauls (battering ram)
-at the end of line-out to provide support in case goes over
-dedicated to running forward straight and hard
-may decide to run ball blindside with flanker OR pick + hook with half-backs

offense: support ball carrier, win ball
defense: stop opposition backrow moves, create rucks (preferably over mauls), provide cover or join markers next to ruck/maul

Just reading this gives me adrenaline.


Education as sedative

I am alarmed at how much time I spend reading. Focused, quiet, still, oblivious. How much time A’s take in being produced. I can’t help but feel that I’m being drained on purpose, perhaps with the intention of precluding other activity. But that’s me being the conspiracy theorist. Right?

I am glad that I’ll be countering this with rugby this semester: an activity that demands action, speed, strength, movement. A strenuous fight. This is the complete state of a human being: brains and brawn; strength, discipline and deftness both in mind and body.