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happy daddy issues day

No me arrepiento

No me arrepiento de este amor
Aunque me cueste el corazón
Amar es un milagro y yo te amé
Como nunca jamás lo imaginé
Tiendo a arrancarme de tu piel
De tu mirada, de tu ser
Yo siento que la vida se nos va
Y que el día de hoy no vuelve más

Después de cerrar la puerta
Nuestra cama espera abierta
La locura apasionada del amor
Y entre un te quiero y te quiero
Vamos remontando al cielo
Y no puedo arrepentirme de este amor

Second Person Singular

shadi jamil
sabah fakhri
egyptian pop
amr diyab
umm kulthum’s enta omri


Found it!

I lost track of how many years I’ve spent looking for this song, but I think it’s at least since 2010. As it turns out, it is not Jamaican, it’s Danish, sung by a Sudanese-Danish reggae singer. I blame globalization.

Music from last summer

Victoria Hanna

This week I’m obsessing about this song. I can’t get enough of it. I would like to know how to find more stuff like it, but for now I’ll just have this on repeat.

Music to fill mindlessness

I’ve just begun the very tedious and mindless part of a systematic review: the first screening, in which I determine which of the 3632 references I’ve collected have anything to do with the topic I’m looking at (diabetes, depression, and cognitive decline). So music returns to my life.

Things I’m listening to when I want to forget what I’m doing:
Lila Downs
TYP – Meshuga
Calle 13
Major Lazer (which even my little siblings know now!)
Old tango
A Tribe Called Red (especially “Sisters”)
Chet Faker


Just discovered A-WA, and they’re fantastic.

Israeli music

Omer Adam feat. Arisa – Tel Aviv
עומר אדם עם אריסה – תל אביב
Official song of the

Goodbye my Love Goodbye, Demis Roussos
Ari says it’s for arriving to base at 7 in the morning, wondering what hell the week will bring, saying goodbye, depressed, to life.

Cafe Shahor Hazak – Ihiye ּּBeseder
קפה שחור חזק – יהיה בסדר

Ido B & Zooki – Zooloo