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Education as sedative

I am alarmed at how much time I spend reading. Focused, quiet, still, oblivious. How much time A’s take in being produced. I can’t help but feel that I’m being drained on purpose, perhaps with the intention of precluding other activity. But that’s me being the conspiracy theorist. Right?

I am glad that I’ll be countering this with rugby this semester: an activity that demands action, speed, strength, movement. A strenuous fight. This is the complete state of a human being: brains and brawn; strength, discipline and deftness both in mind and body.



When I was in middle school–around the time I was entering, according to Piaget’s theory of development, the formal operational stage, in which one begins to think logically about abstract concepts and becomes concerned with the hypothetical, the future, and ideological problems,–I began to question things with audacity and fervor as I had never done before and never done since. But the time I was ten years old, I had committed my first act of apostasy: I had decided religion and God were fabrications created to pacify and control the masses. Shortly thereafter I became vegetarian, much to my parent’s dismay. Over the next few years I became strongly averse to marriage, pop culture, convention, Babylon, oppressive societal gender roles, capitalism, and many times just humanity in general. Keep reading