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Human history

Human history … a race between education and catastrophe.
H.G. Wells


Camila O’Gorman

Voy a morir, y el amor que me arrastró al suplicio seguirá imperando en la naturaleza toda. Recordarán mi nombre, mártir o criminal, no bastará mi castigo a contener una sola palpitación en los corazones que sientan.

Camila O’Gorman, 1848

Science in the era of obesity

Meant to put this here a while ago because I think it’s such a brilliant summary of interdisciplinary insight into why obesity is taking on epidemic proportions today.

The obesity era, by David Berreby

Map of Europe from 1000 CE to present

This is dope. I find it fascinating that Italy and Germany were unified so late into the modern period. Also, after seeing this, it seems silly to be shocked at the number of wars that are going on now in the entire world. If anything, I think it’s been getting more stable.