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I first came across the concept of adverse childhood experiences via a CBC Ideas talk on the subject a few years ago, and what I heard was unsettling. On the one hand, I realized that what I considered broadly to be a rough childhood had been given a name. There was something tangible to which I could point; the things I lived through were real, difficult, and their consequences were devastating. On the other hand, the associations that were found between these experiences and health in later life were thoroughly depressing, even despairing at times.

To file under: things with which there is nothing to do.


Male, la capa

Escrito por Malena Daich Varela, para IntraMed

Concluyo que una de las mejores universidades del mundo forma médicos para trabajar exclusivamente en hospitales de alta complejidad, no para ejercer la medicina en cualquier parte. Aún cuando la mayoría de la población no puede acceder a dichos establecimientos. Esto me recuerda que el ranking de las mejores facultades se realiza principalmente en base al número de publicaciones, de citas y de graduados galardonados o con doctorados. Aquello no necesariamente se relaciona con formar mejores médicos.

“Consumer” health info

Because we are primarily consumers nowadays. So that we may consume legitimate health information:

Dr. James Orbinski, past president of Médecins Sans Frontières

Dr. James Orbinski: “Global Health and Humanitarianism”

Abitibi-Consolidated Lecture
Thursday, September 25, 2008 at 7pm
Alumni Auditorium, Henry F. Hall Building (H-110) 1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd West

  • Montrealer!
  • 1988: spent a year in Rwanda studying HIV/AIDS, saw so much preventable pain
  • Book: An Imperfect Offering
  • Hannah Arendt, “we are not born equal, equity is a choice”
  • Ursula Franklin
  • Equity = people in similar situations should be treated similarly. Solidarity central to human health. Health equity is a politically determined choice.
  • Inequities = 3.8 billion live on less than 2 U$D Keep reading