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v de vino tinto

Georges Duboeuf Brouilly

Robertson Winery Chemin Blanc
Villa Maria Marlborough

cosas que me gustaría estudiar

un instrumento

tengo casi 30 años y finalmente tengo ganas de estudiar.

Human history

Human history … a race between education and catastrophe.
H.G. Wells

El año viejo


Went to a concert last night at le Cabaret Lion d’Or last night where I saw some fantastic music of wildly different styles in Spanish, French, Creole, Korean, Inuktitut, and English.

I was blown away by each of the groups. I loved the beautiful singing and hybrid mariachi-rock music of Mariachi Ghost. Stella Gonis killed us with her voice, rhythm, and dancing. Coreyah is what I strongly suspect the Gogol Bordello of Korea and just plain COOL. The Jerry Cans were an infectious mix of traditional Canadian music sung in Inuktitut, accompanied with throat singing. And to finish off, Betty Bonifassi (whom I recognized from her vocals on DJ Champion’s Chill ’em all) sang her take on chain gang songs collected in 1950s US South by Alan Lomax.

The Mariachi Ghost (Mexico, Winnipeg)
Stella Gonis (Martinique)
Coreyah (Corea)
The Jerry Cans (Iqualuit)
Betty Bonifassi (Montreal’s own)

I have now decided to update my unrealistic of reading one book from every country in the world to instead listening to music from every country in the world. The books can maybe be a lifetime goal. Now I will have a good use for Every Noise at Once! Stay tuned for an upcoming listening party.

Paredes pintadas


Second Person Singular

shadi jamil
sabah fakhri
egyptian pop
amr diyab
umm kulthum’s enta omri


Today I learned

how to make a boring but neat flowchart in Word. And this, too, was progress.

First sighting of WinBUGS in the wild

How to install and run WinBUGS on Mac OS X

A guide for non-geeks

  1. Download Wineskin Winery
    Direct link:
    a. Click “Wineskin Winery … (click me to download)”
    b. Click “Save File” to accept the Wineskin Winery app
    c. Find the .zip file in your Downloads folder and click on it to expand (unzip) it
    d. The Winery app should now appear (red icon)
    e. Click on the Winery app to open it
  2. Download the WinBUGS.exe file from the MRC website
    Direct link:
  3. Save the key
    a. Click the link for the key
    (Direct link:
    b. If the .txt file opens in the browser, save it (⌘S) to your Downloads folder
  4. Save the patch
    a. Click the link for the patch under the Quick start heading
    (Direct link:
    b. If the .txt file opens, save it, too
  5. Configure your Wineskin app
    a. Go to your opened Wineskin app, click on the + to install an engine
    b. Click “Download and Install” to get the most recent engine
    c. Click “OK” at the dialog box
    d. Click “Update” to update Wineskin, and “OK” at the dialog box
    e. Click “Create New Blank Wrapper” to do exactly that
    f. Type in WinBUGS to name your new wrapper
    g. Allow Wineskin to accept incoming network connections
    h. Click “Install” at the Wine Mono Installer
    i. Click to view wrapper in Finder
    j. Drag your WinBUGS wrapper to your Applications folder
    k. Click on the WinBUGS wrapper to open in
  6. Install WinBUGS in Wineskin
    a. Click on “Install Software”
    b. Click “Choose Setup Executable”
    c. Select the WinBUGS14.exe file from your Downloads folder
    d. The WinBUGS installation wizard will now open; click “Next>” until installation is complete, then click “Finish”
    e. Wineskin will ask you which executable file to use, select WinBUGS14.exe and click “OK”
  7. Run WinBUGS
    a. Click on your WinBUGS wrapper in your Applications folder to open WinBUGS
    8. To add the key and patch to WinBUGS, follow the directions in each .txt file