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My new party trick

is bringing a colander to a solar eclipse.


love is not a potato

Estoy aprendiendo, paulatinamente, que el amor no es una papa.

Why women drink

From Quartz

I don’t drink very much, but I can’t help sympathizing deeply with this article, which I suppose means there are more ways that we silence our agonies, which originate from more than just being women in the world.

Temple of My Familiar

Carlotta’s heart was breaking. She felt it swell with tears and then crack. What does anyone know about anything? she thought. The scene with her mother emptied her of knowledge. Once again, as when she was a small child, she felt she knew nothing. That if the chair on which she sat suddenly became a canoe that floated out the window on the river of Zedé’s tears, she would not be surprised.

insomnia, gratitude

Thank you, Internet.

Harvard Health

Health Link BC

Madre Teresa via Panchito

No se puede amar si no es a costo propio.

Germs and guts

Recently I’ve become fascinated by our microbiomes. This comes as the weaving together of loose threads that have appeared in the few years since I developed gut problems following an extremely harsh round of antibiotics. I don’t have any background in anything related to microbiology or immunology, but I am now reading Living with Germs by John Playfair and am planning to read I Contain Multitudes by Ed Yong in hopes of learning more. In the interim, here is a video by the CBC that blew my mind. If anybody reading this has any suggestions, send them my way!


And it’s the ‘feeling we can’t cope’ that can lead us to avoid or delay important things.

If I change the things I do and change how I think, I will change how I feel.

«knowledge translation» de cambios positivos pos psicósis

  • ser sensible a los factores negativos, no negar lo que pueden estar sintiendo cuando más están sufriendo. una manera de hacer esto es de mostrar una variedad de experiencias y en distintos puntos de varias trayectorias. les puede ir un poquito bien no más — todas las experiencias son “ciertas”. el rango es más fiel a la realidad.
  • no crear esperanzas no realistas.

overheard in a psychiatric hospital

we can think of people “with mental illness” as people who reveal signs of distress in the face of a tough life and a crappy organization of society — they are canaries in the coal mine and we want that sensitivity. they are simply more sensitive to the world, to our shitty reality