(Homo sapiens): Female diurnal bipedal mammal found in Montreal after recent migration from the United States; traces its roots back to South America and the Mediterranean. Demonstrates elaborate eating patterns and rituals. Exhibits interest in fellow humans, cultural theory, public health, literature, food, Judaism, and trying to figure out how best to go about living in this world.

My name is Nene, I go by she. I’m 23 and live in the crazy city that is Montreal. I am on my way to becoming an asocial academic, spending most of my time working at school. The rest of the time I’m biking, cooking, reading, and trying to be more mellow. This blog is a space for me to collect things that I like.

Edit: I am no longer 23, no longer in pursuit of being an asocial academic. Still bike and cook, but I’m not concerned about being mellow anymore. This is still were I collect things in case my mind forgets.