notes on epi after school

by Sofia

CRO contract research officer
SAS + R for govt or industry

Public Health Agency of Canada
Health Canada
Stats Can – health data analysis
Nat’l Defense (!)

Ministry of Health
Ministry of Social Services
Public Health
Specific agencies

Health authorities
Public health units
Hospitals (2-3 analysts)

Federal Student Work Experience Program
Field Epidemiology Program (infectious disease, very competitive)

work ethic
working on team
good writing
problem solving

CIHI, EBRI, OHRI, research institutes

data analyst, researcher, think tank

consulting/consultancies (eg IMS Health)
many in mental health (pharma, tech)
– check for internships
– refs from employers, not so much academia
job notifications lists on CIHI, OPHE bulletin, CSEB membership list

Edit (29/01/2016):