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by Sofia

Yesterday I went to an amazing seminar by Madhu Pai on open access publishing. Everyone doing research should consider open access publishing, including asking non-open access journals to publish your article under an open access license.


  • In Pai’s experience, most editors say yes when ask if the paper can be open access. So no matter what the journal, just ask, providing some rationale.
  • Space for negative findings, and access to original data!
  • Leaders: Welcome Trust, Gates Foundation require their work to be published with OA license.
  • OA has forced traditional publishing to evolve: many now have OA branches.
  • Last 5 years has seen explosion of fraudulent OA journals. BEWARE OF THESE. Beall’s list is a good black list, but when will there be a white list?

Today I learned about factor analysis, and it strikes me that 1. statisticians are just humans like the rest of us (including being not so smart sometimes), and 2. math and statistics are still the best things ever and I should do a Master’s in stats one day.