by Sofia

Some weeks ago I did something sacrilegious: I went through my bookshelf and eliminated two-thirds of the books I had, about 150 to 200 books. It had suddenly felt as if I were drowning in things that I held on to simply because I was too scared to let go of them, and then felt the urge to get rid of the mess before I became used to and complacent at the sight of it still sitting there.

Today it happened with clothes. I took every piece of clothing that I own on my bed and triaged until I had under 40 items of clothing for this round, gave away a ton, and put the rest in boxes. So comes into being my first capsule wardrobe. It’s strange how exciting and fresh and peaceful it feels to look into the closet and see only a few things there. Once again, a small bit of discipline turns into a considerable amount of satisfaction.

Next up is the kitchen, as soon as the paint dries. Then everyone get ready for endless dinner parties at which I always wear the same party dress!