The Palestinian People: A History

by Sofia

The Palestinian poet Mahmud Darwish saw a powerful symbiosis linking Palestinian and Israeli, Arab and Jew. There will be a time, he wrote, when

the Jew will not be ashamed to find the Arab part inside of himself, and the Arab will not be ashamed to declare that he is constituted also by Jewish elements. Especially when talking about Eretz Yisrael in Hebrew and Falestin in Arabic. I am a product of all the cultures that have passed through this land—Greek, Roman, Persian, Jewish, and Ottoman. A presence that exists even in my language. Each culture fortified itself, passed on, and left something. I am a son to all those fathers, but I belong to one mother. Does that mean my mother is a whore? My mother is this land that absorbed us all, was a witness and was a victim. I am also born of the Jewish culture that was in Palestine…

Baruch Kimmerling, Joel S. Migdal
The Palestinian People: A History