Dror Etkes on the occupied territories

by Sofia

Dror Etkes of Peace Now:

[The] settlements in the occupied territories threaten our existence as a Jewish, democratic state, weaken the security of Israel, drain our economic resources, undermine our society’s moral fiber, and serve to perpetuate Israeli rule over another people in a way that prevents Israel from reaching peace with the Palestinians. The settlements today pose an existential threat to the future of Israel. Let me be very clear: it is in Israel’s own best interests to separate itself from settlements and the occupied territories that the settlers would have us bind to the state.

David W. Lesch
The Arab-Israeli Conflict: A History
pp. 377-8

The great dilemma: the option to unilaterally disengage produces the nightmare that is Gaza post 2005, but to continue to occupy continues an unjust, untenable, undemocratic, and severely depleting situation. So while the above statement resonates more readily with me, unfortunately I think it’s only a partial truth, and therefore not the clear and obvious solution I would like it to be.