What animal are you?

by Sofia

My aunt recently did an activity where everyone in the family had to choose what animal they thought they were and what animal each other person was. They were a monkey, a kangaroo, an elephant, and a goat. My sister was told she was a cat.

I have always wanted to do this kind of thing. My aunt thought I was a chipmunk because I’m all over the place. I thought I was a beaver, because they are methodical in building things and then enjoy good times in the home they build for their families. Mike made my day, though. He said I was smart and powerful but mercurial, and therefore a wolverine. He explained a wolverine is fierce, fighting off bears at times, but sometimes mean. As in, “they get what they want, even if that involves chewing down a door.” That is my kind of compliment!

Veg, Mool, and Bear, I look forward to discussing what animals we are.