Intervention and agency

by Sofia

Yesterday I attended this seminar by Lise Gauvin on two public health interventions that have taken place in Montreal: Wixx, an initiative promoting physical activities targeting tweens in Quebec, and BIXI, a bike-sharing program. The talk was great, and not only because I’m really interested in this kind of work. One thing that struck me was how Nuffield intervention ladder demonstrates that effectiveness of public health initiatives are inversely proportional to the amount of control they exert on the individual or group. People should not drink sugary drinks, and the most effective intervention would be to ban their sale. Yet that would trigger riots more vehement than those protesting police murders of unarmed people. Wixx and BIXI are examples of interventions that have wide reach and create behavioural changes and are also well received by the public, showing that a balance can be struck between intervention and acceptability.

Profile on Lise Gauvin and her work