by Sofia

There are no excuses for this: I’m just really late to the game. Sardines are great for you because they have lots of healthy fats and other nutrients in generous doses, are a sustainable seafood choice, and have very little mercury. Oh: and they’re dirt cheap and readily available in cans. Criteria for favourite food all met; and yet, up until yesterday, I’m unsure I had ever eaten one in my life.

Today I had my first sardine (of memory) for breakfast on a piece of toasted rye bread with espelette mustard. Yum! The start of a warm friendship with a a cold fish.

Ideas to try:

The Kitchn

Food 52

– mash w chopped onion, mayo and lots of lemon juice, serve on toasted bagel
– mash w red onion, mustard
– Sliced an onion and saute in olive oil with garlic until translucent. Add chopped tomato and cook to a paste. Add sardines and saute until heated thru. Season with salt and pepper. You can also add oregano, bay leaf and/or smoked paprika.
– toss with spaghetti, lemon rind and parsley or eat it on buttered toast