New beginnings

by sofile

This past week we rang in 5775 with the Chavurah. This year’s lessons: do not get into any sort of discussion, no matter how well-intentioned and innocent, when abstaining from food and water for 25 hours (says science). And 10 days is not enough time to make amends and tie up loose ends of everything I have pending.

This September I began a Master’s in epidemiology and I love it. I had been planning to apply to this program for several years, and it’s all I dreamt of and more. I’m learning R, cool inferential stats, and epi methods. This week I’ll be zeroing in on topics for my thesis, which may include: sleep, cardiovascular outcomes, mental illness, lifestyle choices (physical activity, smoking, alcohol consumption), and chronic illness such as obesity or diabetes. Never has a bunch of such sad things made me so happy.

Compost Montréal got one of its processing sites taken away by the city, and as a result had to increase its prices to cover the cost of transporting the compost farther away. I’m too cheap to pay someone almost 9$ a week to do nice things to my garbage, so I looked for alternatives. As it turns out, the city just set up a new community composter on my street just a few hundred meters from my front doorstep. It’s like I got an early birthday present from the municipal government God. Such good behaviour on behalf of the Ville de Montréal should be encouraged. If anyone knows who I should thank for this, please let me know.

We have new neighbours since this summer and I still haven’t made them brownies, but I plan on doing that this week so I can get over this shame of avoiding them all the time.

And lastly, a friend just returned to Montreal after two years away and is trying to get me into Afro-Caribbean dance, and I might just bite!