White bean, mushroom soup

by Sofia

Two, maybe three cups white beans, soaked overnight
Two cups dried mushrooms (I used porcini, shiitake, boletes, and oyster; put in boiling water and left to steep, conserving the liquid), roughly chopped
100mL oil
Two sprigs rosemary
Two onions, chopped
Two dried Thai chilies (the common small red ones)
250mL sour cream or yogurt or light cream
About 16mL or a cubic inch of butter
Three shallots, finely chopped
Half the volume of chives, finely chopped
Cracked pepper

Heat pressure cooker over medium high heat. Add oil, rosemary, onions, chilies; fry till onions soften. Add beans and mushroom liquid to cover beans. Pressure cook 15m. Blend until smooth and salt to taste.

In separate pan, melt butter over high heat. Toss in the mushrooms, three-quarters of the shallots, and pepper to taste. Fry until fragrant and mushrooms fully cooked. Mix mushrooms into bean purée with three-quarters of the sour cream.

Mix remaining sour cream with remaining shallots and chives. Serve bean soup with dollop of sour cream.