R notes

by Sofia

I’ve downloaded swirl so as to begin learning to use R, and do a refresher on stats while I’m at it.

| Type ls() to see a list of the variables in your workspace. Then, type rm(list=ls()) to clear your workspace.

| When you are at the R prompt (>):
| — Typing skip() allows you to skip the current question.
| — Typing play() lets you experiment with R on your own; swirl will ignore what you do…
| — UNTIL you type nxt() which will regain swirl’s attention.
| — Typing bye() causes swirl to exit. Your progress will be saved.
| — Typing main() returns you to swirl’s main menu.
| — Typing info() displays these options again.


| For more information on something, type help.start() at the prompt, which will open a menu of resources.


To be continued