Epiphanies at daybreak

by Sofia

It doesn’t often happen that I feel inspired and reassured after spending hours poring over the Internet in the dark of night, but tonight it did and I come here to celebrate the fact. Yesterday I started using swirl, and today when I couldn’t sleep at 4am I continued plugging away at a lesson, giving way to rummaging around on Twitter, which is always fruitful. After following a bunch of stats gurus and finding out there is an R user conference going on in California this week, I came full circle when I realized that swirl was created by a grad student at Johns Hopkins under the supervision of a prof whose name I recognized from Coursera courses I’ve taken. The real gem from my meandering, though, was the blog of Hilary Parker, a smart, feminist-y biostats Ph.D. who uses R for everything–what’s not to fall in love with? I came away feeling that I, too, can have all of this and more: that the world is my oyster, that I’m going to eat it all up and it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Also, I should start a new blog for this technical stuff. I don’t know my shit well enough to state this as fact but it intuitively seems right to me to base the beginning of new things on technical stuff.