Blast from the past

by Sofia

Erasure, A Little Respect

Savage Garden, Break Me Shake Me

Sugar Ray, Fly

SUM 41

Limp Bizkit,  Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water (Remember Mission Impossible?)

Linkin Park

Nine Inch Nails

A Perfect Circle, Counting Bodies to the Rhythm of the War Drums

Tool, Sober (“Tool is exactly what it sounds like: It’s a big dick. It’s a wrench … we are … your tool; use us as a catalyst in your process of finding out whatever it is you need to find out, or whatever it is you’re trying to achieve.” Since when was metal so deep?)

Rage Against the Machine, Killing in the Name Of

System of a Down, Aerials

HFStival in 2003


Also, reminder to check out Venus in Fur and Casares.


I should do another with the punk rock I used to listen to (Flogging Molly, Guttermouth, Rancid, Anti-Flag, Sex Pistols, Ska-P, Crass…).