Leek + goat cheese tomato soup

by Sofia

I had some tomato juice left over from a can of tomatoes and it occurred to me that this might be nice. The result was “surprisingly good”, as Abdullah says.

herbed goat cheese or labneh
passata, or tomato juice from canned tomatoes

Cut some rounds of the white part of a leek very thinly, about a mm or two thick. Cut in half so as to make half-crescents. Fry in some oil till almost crispy. Add the passata, let simmer for about ten minutes. Stir in small amounts of the goat cheese or labneh, until desired creaminess is achieved.

I received my copy of Ottolenghi and Samimi’s Jerusalem recently, and I’m pretty sure it primed my brain to think of this. I am super excited to cook out of it, given how much the Internet is raving about it and how fresh and earthy the food looks. Maybe I can take it with me next time I visit my family to show them I can actually cook. Speaking of which, I find it really ironic that my family has never eaten my food. It’s a really bizarre situation, actually. Something to remedy in the years to come.