An email about fear

by Sofia

We Think Alone, Week 15

from: Sofia
to: —–
date: Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 5:38 AM
subject: Problem

Hi Professor —–,

I am writing to let you know that I’ve been struggling in the past few weeks with my thesis project. I’ve been getting overwhelmed with what I need to be doing for the seminar, panicking, and focusing on other coursework as a way of procrastinating and stalling. I’m really concerned about the fact that I’m not moving forward. I know I am being irresponsible on many levels, and it’s making me a little bit miserable.

Here is where I’m at: I have not finished A’s SPF feedback. I never turned in a timeline to you. I have not tweaked my own SPF and submitted it (I only just read the e-mail in which you asked me if you could post mine on Moodle). I have not contacted any of S’s contacts yet, much less anyone else. I have not written up my research design.

Today I am going write to S’s contacts asking to interview them (I will decide later if I will use these as part of my 4-6 interviews, but for the time being I just need to start speaking to people). After that I will finish A’s SPF, and my own. (Speaking of which, I am wondering if perhaps confidentiality isn’t necessary for my project. Or is that academically inadvisable even if the women have no problem with being identified?) I will write you again tomorrow to tell you what I got done.

I am really, really sorry about this. I know you did me a favour by using your own contact to help me find people and on my end I am not acting professionally. But I needed to let you know what was up and to put pressure on myself to get out of this funk and just start.

I’ll be writing you again soon with better news.