Notes on fish

by Nene

good: sardines, anchovies (small fish), oysters, mussels, scallops (bottom feeders), tilapia
avoid: salmon (carnivorous), tuna (takes 100 pounds of seafood to make), shrimp, cod (overfished, overhyped)

instead of cod you can do dogfish, wolffish, monkfish, pollock, haddock, hake, cusk

frozen fish is fine nowadays! but not thawed (playing to a taboo of frozen fish being bad)

275 degrees, lightly salt and oil, bake for 25 minutes. serve with broccoli and brown rice pilaf

better substitutes at:

National Geographic Seafood Decision Guide

The following are low in mercury and no red circles (i.e., not in lowest tier for sustainability, mercury, omega-3, or food chain).

anchovy, european
catfish (US)
clams (farmed + US wild)
crab, king (US)
crayfish/crawfish (US farmed)
herring (Atlantic)
lobster, spiny (CA, FL, Mexico)
mussels (farmed)
oysters (farmed + wild)
pollock, Alaska (US)
salmon (AK wild)
salmon (CA, OR, WA wild) *not* farmed or atlantic
sardines, Pacific (Canada + US)
scallops (farmed, wild)
shrimp (Canada + US wild)
shrimp, pink (OR)
soles (Canada + US)
stripped bass (farmed)
tilapia (China, Taiwan, Ecuador, US farmed)
trout, rainbow (US farmed)

From this month’s issue of the Nutrition Action Health Letter.