Kosher l’pesach

by Sofia

It happened three or four times this week that I woke up full of energy and happy to be alive, only to realize it’s Pesach and have my heart sink with dread because it’s going to be another day of not getting enough to eat because I didn’t prepare properly. It’s embarrassing to even admit that I would feel this way (real first world problem here), but lately I’ve come to accept that my stomach is one of the top three determinants of my mood at any given time–something I should not make light of.

All this to say, Judaism does a really great job of making you feel viscerally the joys and woes of its calendar through its food. No bread/fibre for a week really does evoke feelings of oppression in a way few other things can.

So, lest I be caught unawares again next year, here’s a list of foods that are permitted that I’ll actually want to eat.

matzah grilled cheese with mozzarella and sun-dried tomato pesto
budín de matsa
zucchini pasta with pesto
roast chicken with lemon-tomato farfel
all kinds of sprouts
sweet potato and squashes made into soups and purée
raw smoothies

I’ll post recipes of the chicken and bread pudding when I figure them out.

On an only tangentially related note, today I came to the conclusion that, in general, Shabbat does not permit any activity that decreases entropy (cooking, writing, working) but does encourage activities that increase it (eating, partying, strolling, lounging). I find the idea of a day where all creative endeavours cease really powerful, and the connection with entropy really highlights this for me.