All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare

by Sofia

Baruch Spinoza

It was uncanny sitting down to listen to today’s Modern Judaism lecture on Spinoza after yesterday’s post. In brief, everything I was saying yesterday about superstition and God as all things are Spinoza’s explanation of God and religion. I really loved CBC’s ever-brilliant Ideas podcast on him, and made me like the man even more. You get the sense he was devoted to knowledge and understanding, courageous in the face of political adversity, hard-working, and more or less enjoyed what he was doing.

There’s a lot of his ideas that I especially enjoyed. One of them was the notion at the time of his death that because he was a part of God, all that would happen in his dying is he would change form through It. Similarly, I liked the idea that we ought to strive to understand God (i.e., nature) as much as we can, through scientific enquiry. Find his views on religion and state interesting: in light of the rise of fundamentalism in our increasingly postmodern times, maybe the control of religion by state wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all, despite Orwellian fears.