Peanut stirfry

by Sofia

fresh thin Chinese noodles
peanut oil
okra pods
cooked squash
peanut sauce (peanut butter diluted with water, soy sauce)
habanero pepper

Can’t describe just how good the peanut sauce is with scallions, okra, and squash. To be repeated.

Somewhere between Dead Prez and this man’s blog, I’ve been thinking about the food I used to be into in high school. It was wholesome, bought at GLUT (my favourite co-op that we would drive 45 minutes across DC to get to), heavy on lush, deep greens and grains, and vegan. Now this reminds me of sweltering DC summers, but mostly it makes me want to make sweet yam fries and green callaloo.

It boggles my mind that tomorrow it’s going to be -36 celcius in Montreal but that I can eat Caribbean food in the same day. Makes me feel sort of guilty, too, but mostly grateful. Sorry, but thank you, globalization.