Brief thoughts

by Sofia

Time is flying. Only three more weeks of calculus I, of this semester. It went by so fast. It went fast because I was so busy that I did not have time to come write here, which means I did not have time to think, to reflect, and thus very little time went by.

Math sessions with/near Maz have become a happy new part of my life, because of Maz and because of calc.

Also, having two jobs in “my field” is stretching me thin, but on the other hand makes me feel competent, and makes the work of these last few years meaningful and important. It’s nice. Also, people are great, even if I can never see them outside of work hours.

Lastly, I still haven’t figured out why I’ve gravitated towards demography topics in the past few years, but it’s fun to be in class and realize that I’ve spent a good chunk of my time thinking about these topics, without ever realizing they comprise a field of study unto themselves. Below is something that I talked about a bit in class today; it’s a great interactive infographic about immigration in Canada, at the federal level but also broken down by province, city, or even postal code. It tells you the proportion of immigrants in the population, where they are from, and they arrived, and a bunch of other interesting stuff.

Immigration in your community, by the Globe and Mail