by Sofia

There is a bit too much going on right now. I have two jobs, four classes, two pet rats, math problems to do, trigonometric identities and logarithmic properties to memorize, a body to feed and clothe and take out to play, a love to spend time with, a house to clean, a Jewish practice to observe. I’m feeling a little stretched thin, because I’m trying to do my best to do all of the above, whereas I should be focusing on two, maybe three.

But I didn’t come just to complain. I’m not sure what I came to do, exactly, because now I’m overthinking it and second-guessing just how self-absorbed and nerdy this blog really is. All I know is that now I’m going to tell you about the Bible.

This week kicks off the start of the new cycle of the reading of the Torah. And since I’ve never finished reading the Bible, I figure keeping up with the weekly portions might be a good way to do it. One problem that I’ve had in the past, though, is that I forget what’s going on. So I’m going to read the portion and then come here and write down what I got from it. Here is Bereshit:

The two creation stories: God creates everything, including terrible sea monsters, and humans. After that, Cain kills Abel, and God is angry and both curses and promises to protect Cain. After that, the lineage of Seth (a younger brother of Cain) is described, including one man whose name is Ham, which I find mildly amusing. God sees that everything humans did was evil “all the time.” So God decides God made a mistake in creating humanity, and so decides to wipe us all out. The cliffhanger is that God finds favour with Noah, but it’s little cliffhanger, seeing as most of everyone who reads this already knows what’s going to happen with Noah.

I’m not sure why I have this motivation to do this. I just know I want to, and it’s not destructive, so why not? On the other hand, I know I have a tendency to be obsessive-compulsive about information, like the guy who made a spreadsheet of the 6000+ Chinese restaurants he went to. But instead of inanely making “misc.” folders in my Dropbox account or Google Drive in which to put my disjointed and typically useless bits of amassed information, I’ve decided that if I want to keep it, I should put it here. Because putting it here gets me to delete it most of the time. The cheesemaking guide I posted over the summer? That one made the cut; the document about words that I wanted to look up in the dictionary (don’t ask—I don’t even know) happily no longer exists.

As a treat for those who made it thus far, use this to figure out when you can buy pastries at Cheskie’s (or any other delicious kosher bakery around the world).