I miss it here

by Sofia

I miss coming to tell about what’s up recently, but I’ve been largely preoccupied with school since it began. My summer self has forgotten that time for friends and anything other than work and schoolwork exists only sparingly after week 2, so I’m still struggling to settle into a routine where—to misquote Milton— I scorn the light and live laborious days. It’s the last year of undergrad, and I’m going to make it count.

Today’s bit of news is that I’ve finally returned the interview transcriptions and final thesis to my respondents, the lovely midwives I had the pleasure of speaking to back in March. They are a couple months late and it isn’t absolutely perfect, but I am learning how to strive for good instead of impossible. I also wrote to the Canadian Journal of Midwifery Research and Practice about publishing the article with them. I hope it works out.

Also, this NY Times article on how autism is an inflammatory disorder due to an endemic lack of parasites blew my mind. This whole world is just bloody marvellous, and we’ll never stop learning about it.