In strength and happiness

by Sofia

Guys: eat your last summer tomatoes like this. A great way to go out.

News: I am taking calculus. Wish I had taken it earlier. Wish I had not dropped science so many years ago. Wish I had nurtured my (math, techy) geek self more in the past years.

Overall, nervous-excited about where I am at this point in many senses. The future has taken shape in a way I haven’t had happen before, full of plans for fulfilling things, both with people and with my studies. Things are getting better, and it’s sort of wonderful more than frustrated most of the time.

Latest thought: we have two kinds of vision: focused vision and periphery vision. Our minds work in this way, too. Zen is like the periphery mind. It is something that we would do well to cultivate. I wonder if that is possible while once is fully embroiled in schoolwork, job, and the pursuit of other goals. We’ll give it a shot and see.