by Sofia

three or four tomatoes
roasted bell peppers
half a banana chile
smoked mozzarella
cracked pepper

Chopped onion gets sautéd in a tiny bit of oil and salt until brown. Tomatoes get minced and added to the pot, as well as the roasted peppers and banana pepper. Let simmer until tomatoes turn dark and all ingredients have melted together. Transfer to an oven-safe bowl and crack the egg on top. Grate some cheese on top and pepper to taste. Broil for a few minutes on a high rack. I had it for lunch with some roasted potatoes. It was the best shakshouka I’ve made so far.

The CSA basket has been keeping me fairly busy lately, especially this week, because I had two to get through. In the past week I’ve made pesto from the basil in the garden, roasted stuffed squash from the same, dragon berry (ground cherry) preserves, short rib cholent, roasted peppers, baba ganoush. It’s been a lot of fun but when classes begin I will not have the time to keep up, so I look forward to splitting my basket next year.

I’ve also been listening to music lately because YouTube now strings together songs by the same artist. I’ve been really enjoying it, especially when I spend hours listening to Kevin Johansen and Jorge Drexler. It’s especially nice to remember that the Hispanic culture that I come from (rioplatense) but never see represented has a vibrant culture for me to get into and feel more at home in. Unlike a lot of other cultural backgrounds, being from Buenos Aires means Borges as much as it means alpargatas, an Italian last name as much as drinking mate with friends. Enmeshed with the cultures that were there before, music like that of Sosa and these guys continues to be a genuine mix of Andean and rock influences. Lots of room there for me.