Of late

by Sofia

Lately I’ve been super busy. I’ve been reading working at the lab (with the rest of the team! though I haven’t schmoozed yet—I’m shy still). I’m reading a book called Yiddish Civilisation, which starts with some two hundred pages of history of Jews in Eurasia in the Middle Ages, which is just about the most interesting thing I’ve read in a while. (Pagans and then Christians used to complain about how many people converted to Judaism, including a sister group of the Huns that conquered an area north of the Caspian sea. That’s right, Jewish Huns.) I’ve hosted Shabbat twice in the past few weeks, and have somehow been able to let myself hang out with people, even late at night and playing games—really, I’ve surprised myself recently.

But perhaps most interestingly is that I’ve started messing around and wanting to learn basic programming skills. This came from the realization that there exists an open source SPSS program called R that requires some basic programming knowledge to use. And then it turns out that programming is not rocket science. So yesterday I started a program that teaches some basics online, and as soon as I guess Internet at home again I will be embarking on Python. We’ll see how it goes.

And I just figured out that whatever WordPress uses as a language, it is not JavaScript. (It’s PHP.)