City bike ride

by Sofia

Yesterday I went on a bike ride with some people from McGill. We started off at Roddick Gates, made our way to Atwater Market for lunch, followed the Lachine Canal to Parc Réné-Lévesque, then followed the shore of the St Laurent through LaSalle and Verdun (where we checked out some rapids), then continued through the Île des Soeurs, across the St Laurent on a bridge, up to Parc Jean-Drapeau, looped back to get onto the island again at Old Montreal, and followed the Canal back to St-Ambroise Brasserie where the metal-bearded music critic from the Mirror was DJing. Later we biked back to the Plateau.

I slept twelve hours last night.

In the end we did about 10km less than the 70km originally planned because the German with the torn ACL wanted to get to the beer faster. No one protested. Plus, it was his birthday.