Small silly things

by Sofia

I’ve been sleep deprived for several weeks now, and past the initial handful of days where you feel like a zombie and making my way into the stage where I’m fully functional, but just sort of loopy and easily amused or perturbed, like a toddler.

Right now I’m hyped because: I really like the professor whose research lab I’m working for; I am going to be taking a course to learn how to use R (an open-source SPSS; requires programming and statistics skills); I’m feeling less angry and more amused at a funny interaction I had with an old Argentine psychiatrist yesterday; and I biked really fast to Concordia today in tight jeans and my silly helmet which makes me feel like a million dollars. And because I have this blog which is a home for my writings where I can come to tell these small stories for posterity and for the wonderful friends and lurkers who read my words.

Sounds sort of sappy drunk, eh? I tell you, sleep deprivation.