Minority births become majority in US

by Sofia

So says the Census as reported by the NYTimes. Whites are still the majority, but as the population ages, that will quickly change. The article mentions that, faced with this, the country will have to address some problems, such as that of educating minorities, who tend to lag behind–a fact that was stated in isolation, as if it were a superficial difference between races, like a colour they prefer. I think there is more to be address than just education: an ongoing history of discrimination, deep socio-cultural differences, and other complicating factors such as poverty.

I hope that in time this will bring a different mentality to what it means to be American, but it’s quite possible it won’t. To some extent, the idea of a non-White America will be embraced, but I can also imagine attitudes like those who preach the apocalypse of their culture and very existence because of the barbarians taking over (I’m thinking of Quebecois fear of anglophones non-unilingual francophones and Muslims). So we’ll see how well the US takes this transformation, because its future depends on no longer treating its minorities as if they’re second rate.