by Sofia

Very busy lately. I am working a lot and getting stuff done, but it feels like not at the rate I need in order not to fall behind. Whatever. I’m doing what I can, and hope it’s enough. It usually is.

Transcribed an interview the other day. It takes about three times the length of the audio to transcribe. It’s a weird space, listening to voices at half speed, typing furiously, becoming a channel of language. It takes intense concentration but it doesn’t make me anxious, which is the kind of work I like.

Am coming to the conclusion that I can’t eat anything outside of home without getting sick. And when I do eat at home, I feel GREAT. Like today, because last night I made sweet potato and black bean chili. I would post a recipe but it’s so basic that I don’t think it warrants an explanation. But here are the ingredients I used this time.

two small onions
dried chili peppers (should have used jalapeño)
1 can black beans
large sweet potato
TVP reconstituted in mushroom broth

grated cheese
salsa verde

Update: I ate a cupcake, and now I feel ill. I’ll never learn.