by Sofia

The MPH at Queen’s is a non-thesis professional degree.

Several things wrong with that. One: it’s non-thesis, as in, not going on to PhD. Two: it’s professional, implying that that’s where I get off the bus. Three: Queen’s does not provide funding to students in professional degrees.


Essentially, I have to go into grad school knowing whether I want to continue on to do a doctoral degree. I’m scared of having a doctoral degree. I’m scared because I’m not sure what I’m talking about and what that means. What I’m worried about is being able to have a job I like. Am I looking at becoming a professor? I’m not sure that’s what I want. Not sure I want to have to move somewhere to be a prof. I want… what? I have no clue. And I’m just a little international undergrad student with good, not excellent, grades with no money and no understanding of what I’m getting into or what the thing I’m talking about mean.

Maybe I’ll try to get into McGill’s Social Studies of Medicine after all. Thesis-based. Qualitative. And with that fairy tale, I’m off to bed.
Edit: I wrote this late last night and I think I was running low on blood sugar or something. Scared that I couldn’t get a job with a PhD? Really?