Balcony garden 2011

by Sofia

This year I tried my hand at growing some vegetables from seed, in addition to growing some plants of herbs bought at Jean Talon Market. Here are some pictures of the process.


– I loathe squirrels. Abhor them. Ils m’écoeurent.
– Shallow containers are best avoided. Even herbs and flowers will be happier with more depth.
– I must curb my overzealous overplanting. With the tomatoes especially, I should have kept no more than three or four plants and let them be sparse.
– Use mulch or anything else to cover exposed soil. Every single morning I woke up to squirrels wreaking havoc in my containers.
– Don’t plant anything edible above ground.
– This was a lot of fun. I plan on doing it again.



Photographs are too pretty to not take more. I hope I take more this year.