This week in food

by Sofia

Some days ago I was hungry and too lazy to shop for groceries. After rummaging through the fridge and the interweb, I wound up making General Tao Tofu as described on That Vegan Shit, whose writing is unbearably juvenile but the recipes are not bad. It was a big deal to make because I don’t know how to fry things, and I ended up making some delicious tempura-like tofu and veggies before it became gooey, delicious General Tao-like stirfry. It was sweet and tangy and was very content with my foray into vegan junk food.

On Tuesday night, I will invite chametz back into my life with the following menu:

Crusty garlic bread
Spinach, goat cheese, and portobello mushroom salad
Fresh ravioli with white wine and gorgonzola sauce

On Wednesday morning I might have fibrous, crunchy granola or a flaky, buttery chocolatine from the market.

Needless to say, I missed grains. But until then I’ll hang tight with my matzah and spaghetti squash.