by Sofia

In my theory course I’m learning about modernism and postmodernism. I seem to like postmodernism better. I often wonder, however, how to reconcile this with my own personal reality, like that of converting to Judaism. How does adoption of a premodern institution fit into postmodern discourse? Can it be simply one more story? Or does it have a different character than other theoretical moves? Is it any different than the values I choose to embrace of that I learned from my Latin American family, or even the fact of how I wed them with the liberal, feminist and intellectual values I took from living in a privileged part of the United States? Maybe postmodernity has more space for this than did modernity. It might be more able to accept the roots and occurrence of things (be they entirely “rational” or not) by seeing them as embedded but not needing to discredit one as invalid other than on its own grounds, and not a universalist claim.

I’m not sure I’m expressing this well. I’m sure I’ll come back to the subject.