Thoughts today

by Nene

1. Want to read Sikh poetry and for it to be really beautiful.

2. I’m wondering about the possibility of postmodernism to be more than a condition, as Lyotard describes it; I want to find out how postmodernity can be a project or a proposal. I am looking forward to the second part of my contemporary cultural theory course.

3. How exactly does the expulsion and frequent relocation of Jews over their history affect their culture? Does it make them more flexible, more adaptable, more resilient? I liked the story about Greek, Italian, French and Arab Jews getting pushed into Eastern European areas (Poland, Ottoman Empire) and arguing ceaselessly with each other when put into contact with groups and communities that did things differently, trying to reconcile the true way amidst differing observant followers of the same religion.

4. I can’t wait for my living room to be burnt orange and for it to be spring so I can leave the doors open all the time and light to be everywhere. (I’ve decided on cream/beige for my room and a very light brown for the other room.)

5. I want to do this as a summer job. I actually think it would be really cool to do.