Always and at every moment

by Nene

In frustration, in anger, in sorrow, in annoyance, in indifference as in happiness, in satisfaction and in comprehension;

In difficulty as in ease;

Today, in the mundane, in the problems of getting to the bus, looking pretty, and solving the problem of the postmodern condition or of social justice, in getting good marks in class and in forging a coherent, solid, loving relationship with another human being;

Tomorrow, in attaining goals and realizing they don’t solve life and that new issues and problems always will exist;

Everything is fine and as exactly as it should be. The potential and the kinetic is perfect because it is not static. It must always be just as it is.


This is very Buddhist and not linear or history-as-progress or the inherent truth of social amelioration, but it’s what I need. It’s just so very unsatisfying to realize there’s nothing better than the mundaneness of exactly right now; to come to terms with the fact that being present still sucks when you accept it.