Latest topic of interest

by Sofia

I dig babies and I dig public health, so it’s only natural I would end up getting into breastfeeding. Now I receive the International Breastfeeding Journal newsletter with their latest open access articles and am currently learning about the delicate topic of whether and how HIV positive women should breastfeed.

I chose breastfeeding as the topic for my year-long project for a research methods course, so next semester I’ll be designing a study and interviewing people for it. As something that I’ve researched a bit and gotten interested in, I notice myself mentioning or referring to it quite a bit in conversations with others. I wonder if my enthusiasm is getting in the way of me thinking about it critically or if I’m plain being stupid about it. And despite finding it interesting, at this point I’m convinced I don’t want to end up with this as the focus of my career, as there are larger and more pressing issues to be dealt with at hand.

At any rate, I thought induced lactation was pretty cool.