Ideas for soc projects

by Sofia

Canada doesn’t have an official food policy. In broad terms, how does the government deal with health? Does food figure into it? Are there federal programs? Provincial? Municipal? Grassroots in communities?
– immigrants’ health
– immigrants’ integration

North American diet tends not to be a balanced or healthy one. Is the health of immigrants better? Or is it poorer when they become strangers living in a new country?

– what populations have worst health in quebec/montreal? do different populations have different problems? along what lines does it make the most sense to study this? (ie. I imagine citizen status would be more appropriate than hair colour, for instance. how do race/ethnicity affect? gender? religion? age? education? which more than others? in what ways?)

I’ve thought about how I could garner support for public health from types who don’t value it for itself. One way is to point out that being unhealthy (in this case, being obese) is not only an costly problem, but a widespread one, too. Then maybe more money could go to treating diseases that aren’t preventable.


women’s health issues? look up others
breastfeeding as f(n) of culture