Imminent move

by Sofia

From an letter to a friend:

I’m daydreaming about fixing up my soon-to-be new place. I’m excited to start working on making it cozy and to finally decide for myself what the house I live in looks like.

I’d want it to be a bit like my dad’s old house, somewhat rustic and nicely put together. In the kitchen I want to have big glass containers full of grains, pastas, spices, and other dry ingredients. I want to have a couple herb plants in the window(s) so that I always have fresh stuff whenever I need it — and a place where I can put up herbs to dry, which is cool and pretty to look at. I’d like to get into the habit of having a bottle of wine in the house (budget permitting) but otherwise all those alcohol bottles on top of the cupboards are going to disappear. In general I’d like for spaces to be uncluttered. I plan on composting — finally!

I hope to put up shelves to give a home to my long-nomadic books. Eventually I’d like to have some sort of modest sound system because the lack of music in my life weighs heavily on my days. I think I want to paint the walls a warm but muted red, nothing crazy but definitely lively (I bet right now you think I have terrible taste). (I most definitely want to change the floors, but probably won’t have enough money for that until the summer.) I’d also like to populate the window with green draping plants.

In the bedbunk room, I’m not really sure what to do. I don’t even know if the room has a closet. :/ And I don’t know whether I should take the bed bunk down or leave it up. What do you think? If it doesn’t have a closet a guess it would be wise to find a bureau to put in there. Or maybe the lucky roommate would have furniture of their own. Hmm.

And in my room (yay!) I think a very light green would be nice? Not sure. But definitely another plant in the window. I’m excited to put my clothes in a closet — my closet! mine! with only my things in it! — and not to feel that this room is the only place in the house where I belong.

I’m going to give myself a month to be in it by myself before bringing in someone else so as to feel grounded and at home. It’s fun to have a place where I have the freedom to make it what I want, like a canvas that I get to make pretty. I like wondering about what style I want to create, what sort of energy I want to cultivate. Going to strive for simple, relaxed, accueillant, bright. We’ll see what comes out. :)

PS. I really want a chalkboard somewhere. I like spaces to write and draw stuff.