Ms Erb, meet Mr Danger

by Sofia

My friend Chris and I are pretty chill people. That’s one thing we have in common. Recently, however, we’ve found out that we’re turning into the same person.

We both:
– share the same locker
– are in Sociology
– have sweet bikes and ride them like champs (but don’t have fenders and disregard traffic signs)
– live in the same arrondisement, at intersections of Bélanger
– are wearing corduroys at this moment
– have wisdom teeth pain (at the same time!) and knee problems
– used to make legendary bonfires back home
– read Questionable Content
– like dumpster diving
– grew up in towns where hot air balloons were a big deal
– have given up our Christian souls (he to Satan in exchange for taking away a case of hiccups; I for becoming a Jew)

…to be continued!