Old papers

by Sofia

My first class starts tomorrow at 10.15am so my way of dealing with this at 1am is going through old papers and happening upon all sorts of quirky things from my past.

(without danger there can be no pleasure)

Pierre qui roule n’amasse pas mousse.
I’m happy to find that I’m no longer feeling the drive to move constantly, to escape from the present; instead, I’m very much looking forward to amassing some healthy mousse.

Summation of a conversation I had with a sociology grad student about his thesis on suicide: In today’s relative, postmodern world, what can we do? Get caught up in the dance, become the dance, forget everything else. Live life fully; just about the passion that sweeps.

“Here I bring you the proof of God’s providence in the anatomy of a louse,” said Swammerdam. I really wanted to know what his argument was, because I believed it upon hearing the assertion.

I am more than a little interested in finding out how I ended up with a business card from Planned Parenthood Toronto. I have never been to Toronto, and have never been to Planned Parenthood. This is a world of many mysteries.